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We’ve been in your neighborhood for years, providing services to your neighbors and supporting the community. If you've forgotten what it feels like to be satisfied with your entertainment provider, now is the time for you to experience:

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Smart house

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High security


Private cloud


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Quality customer service from people who care

100% digital programming

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Our clients talk about us

  • I'm moving away from where OpesNet services and I never thought I'd be sad about leaving a cable company before. Setup and cancellation were an absolute breeze, the internet never went out, and we had an incredible package for a great price.
    Katarina Johnes
  • Everything has gone smoothly since moving into our home a few months ago and activating OpesNet internet service. Customer service is very friendly on the phone. Internet packages are very reasonable prices compared to the competition.
    Brandon Ross
  • The speed and service have been excellent. Zero complaints whatsoever.
    Jennifer Lee